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I have the most wonderful Husband who has been my best friend since I was a sophomore in high school. So incredibly blessed to be his wife. God has given us three beautiful children. Nella Grace, Knox Michael, and Crew Matthew. God is good and I am thankful for all He has provided for us!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So thankful

I find myself so thankful tonight......
When I look at my daughter, sometimes I swear my breath is taken away by her beauty. We are beyond grateful for what God has done for our family. Why God chose Matt and I to be this beautiful baby's parents is beyond my understanding, but I am humbled.

This Thanksgiving, we went around and shared what we are thankful for in our lives.....my thought was Nella, but really I am thankful for more than just my beautiful daughter. I am thankful that she is the happiest, sweetest little love I have ever met. She smiles all the time and giggles so loud and when it happens, when the magic of that little giggle bursts out, I swear my heart skips a beat. Oh I love that sound.

We are thankful for all the little things she does now....flapping her arms with excitement when she sees you. Reaching for all the things she wants and especially reaching for mommy and daddy. Her little voice is so sweet and she talks softly and does a giggle during her talking.... it's priceless
We are thankful that she gives kisses (seriously opens her mouth when you kiss her now and will lean in to give others kisses pretty adorable), she will hug you tonight when we are snuggling. She is also now sitting up which is so adorable because she is bursting with pride.
But most of all I am thankful for momma angel, because without this beautiful, selfless person I would not have my daughter. I would not be able to be someone's mommy! I will forever be grateful for her and what she chose to do for Nella. I will forever have a deep connection with her.

I thank God everyday that he made this happen. I am so thankful this was his plan...many times I was unsure of his plan even angry for what seemed unfair....but boy did God know what he was doing.....I would do it over and over again if this is what I was waiting for! A beautiful, amazing little girl that is full of love and smiles....
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The Spencer Family said...

So sweet... We are thankful for her too:)