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I have the most wonderful Husband who has been my best friend since I was a sophomore in high school. So incredibly blessed to be his wife. God has given us three beautiful children. Nella Grace, Knox Michael, and Crew Matthew. God is good and I am thankful for all He has provided for us!

Friday, August 20, 2010

My heart continues to melt

I look at her and I cannot believe she is here......and I get to be her mom. If someone would have told me someday she will be yours and you will be her mom, I wouldn't have believed them that I could have such a precious baby girl. It is hard to believe most days that I get to be a mommy to the prettiest girl I have ever seen!

This first picture is what her little hair looks like when I come her hair out in the morning. She loves it! She loves having her hair touched and played with. She always smiles when I say, who is the prettiest girl in all the world and we say Nella......We had just said that when I snapped this picture......maybe a potential ham for the camera :)

Here our little love is at the State Fair for the first time. She is hanging on to Grandma Spencer. I love this picture. What a snuggly love! She loved the fair. She really liked looking at the animals and the people. She is SO alert and wants to see everything and take it all in. What a sweet little love. She looks so cute in her hat. It is SO big on her

Here is a pic of Nella and I before we went over to my cousin's house. I love that we both caught smiling in this one......She is the light of my life. I cannot tell you the amount of love I have this little girl. My heart feels like it is going to burst somedays for how much I love her. I love every moment of being a mom. It is hard to go to school and teach, but I know that is where I am suppose to be too, but man I fly out of school now to get to see my lady bug and if you know me...I didn't use to do that...but I don't want to miss a moment with her. I love Miss Sarah and she gives me such peace of mind because she loves Nella so much too!!! She is fabulous!!!

After church one day, Nella and I hung out on the porch. she loves being outside and she takes it all in. She likes putting her feet in the grass and looking at the trees and flowers. Sometimes we see dogs or people walk by.

Seriously, everyday I think to myself why does God love me so much.....honestly to think he helped bring our momma angel and us together and he lead us to Nella. He chose us to love her. It is amazing how much he loves us! Some of favorite things she is doing now is smiling, her noises and how she gets so loud and it surprises herself, splashing in the tub and kicking her feet, watching her in the bumbo she thinks she is such big stuff, how her eyes stretch so wide when she is excited, and her being on the changing table....we have deep conversations up there. I don't want to miss a moment with her. I try to take in every single thing she does. I want to cherish it and remember it forever. I want to share to her about all the little things she does.....being a mommy is so good!!!! God is so good!!!