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I have the most wonderful Husband who has been my best friend since I was a sophomore in high school. So incredibly blessed to be his wife. God has given us three beautiful children. Nella Grace, Knox Michael, and Crew Matthew. God is good and I am thankful for all He has provided for us!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Another Heart's Wish comes true

My heart has been overfilled with joy since the arrival of our sweet Nella! God is amazing and I continue to feel so much grace that God chose Matt and I to be Nella's parents. Before our sweet Nella arrived, Matt and I tried to have conceive a child. We prayed and prayed for God to help us and even sought medical advice to help us with the process. It didn't feel right....I felt God pulling us into another direction and that direction was adoption! We felt complete peace as we entered into the adoption journey and journey that I didn't realize God wanted for Matt and I, but once he lead us there, I could feel him guiding us and supporting us! After we chose adoption, I gave up trying to conceive a child. It wasn't something I longed for anymore! It wasn't something I thought God wanted for me! I felt God wanted me to be an adoptive mother and felt honored that he chose this for me! I stopped counting days and worrying about trying to conceive. It wasn't what I thought was intended for me and I felt peace with that! Did I wonder what it felt like to have little baby kicks in your tummy? Yes...Was I curious what it felt like to have people ask you about your pregnancy and ask to rub your tummy? Yes I did...but I didn't want that or have to have it like I did before!

Then God sent a HUGE surprise. He really likes to keep Matt and I on our toes! We were gearing up for our second adoption. We trying to figure out timing and praying to God about financing and wondering if this would be God's plan for us. The day I found out I was pregnant, we discussed financing and funding options for adoption....it seemed overwhelming and we were unsure how we would be able to afford it. Then I realized I didn't start and I began to wonder if I was pregnant. I prayed to God and said please God get this thought out of my head because I don't want to think about it if I am not. I am done doing that and I didn't want to slip back into that place. He didn't let the thought leave me. I said okay, God if I am....then when I take this test let read positive. ( I found a test in a dresser drawer and we must have had in the past)...It was even two days past due...lol I took it and it read positive! I am almost fell over! I immediately called up Matt and told him. He almost fell down the stairs and he couldn't believe it!!!!! We went out and got three more tests and all were positive! It was crazy! I keep telling Matt that I think I will be in shock until the day I see our sweet boy! I still cannot believe how crazy God is! He keeps reaffirming in my life....that I can never know what to expect with him......and it makes me trust HIM!!!

We found our little man was a boy at our little party! Our friend, Mia, helped us out big time with a cake. We went to the ultra sound and had the technician seal the envelope and we gave it to Mia. She baked a cake and made the inside the color of what the baby was! Blue for a boy and pink for a girl! Then we had some friends and family join us for a dinner and when we cut the cake. We found out we were having a boy!

Carrying our sweet boy has been amazing! It is so neat to feel little kicks and know that we are helping him grow! It is a different journey from Nella's neither one better than the other.....just unique in itself. I have loved both journeys to our children.....God is SO good!!!!

Nella at 18/19 months

Our little Roo just turned 19 months! WOW, we have a little one over a year and half. How did she grow so fast and where does the time go? It seems like she was just a little a peanut the other day! Matt and I still think about bringing her home on the plane and how tiny she was! She is such a little character! She has the sweetest smile and cutest belly laugh!

At 19 months old, little miss has SO many words. She repeats anything you ask her to and she will repeat things you say too! It is amazing how well her language has developed! She takes one nap for about 2 to 3 hours! She continues to be a good little eater and has gotten to the point where she will tell you what she wants to eat! She loves APPLES especially and has just recently moved to where she can eat the apple like a big girl (we peel off the skin). She has apple radar....she can spot an apple anywhere and when she sees it she wants it!! :)

She is quite the talker and when she is not using words, she speaks in her sweet love language and will use gestures and everything while she tells you a big tale! It is the sweetest and cutest thing ever!

Nella continues to love books and loves to be read too! Matt and I often read about 20 books a day to her.....and sometimes the same book over and over! She loves Oh the Thinks You Can Think, Elmo and Friends, If you Give a Moose a Muffin, and The Little Engine that Could. She has started to love playing with dolls. It is the sweetest to watch her cuddle and love on a baby. She feeds the baby and will make a sucking sound with her mouth like the baby would do. We even caught her sniffing the baby's bottom the other day! lol!!

Big Girl room
She loves her book wall

She continues to be very loving. She loves to give hugs and kisses! Nella loves to pat people on the back and she does it to everyone! She is going through a bit of a mommy phase right now. She wants her mommy to "hold u" all the time! I do love that she wants me, but it is sometimes difficult while trying to cook dinner and I hate seeing her reject her daddy! I know someday the tables will turn though....

Nella knows Mommy is having a baby! She pats my belly and gives hugs and kisses to the baby. I know she will be a great big sister! We are so enjoying our sweet girl and love all the sweet little things she does!!