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I have the most wonderful Husband who has been my best friend since I was a sophomore in high school. So incredibly blessed to be his wife. God has given us three beautiful children. Nella Grace, Knox Michael, and Crew Matthew. God is good and I am thankful for all He has provided for us!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Nella is 4 months!!!

Nella is 4 months today!!! I cannot believe she has been in our lives for 4 months all ready!!! WOW~ Where does time go? To say that these past 4 months have been a blessing would be an understatement! She is so much fun! She is a cooing machine! Her little voices gets so loud! We love it! She loves life! I mean loves it! She is our bright eyed girl as she is always taking everything in! So fun! She really enjoys being outside and shopping..lol! I am serious she wants to check everything out when we are there...not sure where she gets that from!
She smiles all the time! She had her first giggle this month! Seriously, the cutest sound I had ever heard. It was uh, uh so cute! She has a new sound this week ut. She says it constantly and if you do it back to her then she does it back. So needless to say, we have long conversations. I find her talking to herself more...especially in the car...so cute! She is a heart melter! I love this picture...I think it actually captured how beautiful and sweet she is! Seriously, I cannot believe how amazing she is!
Today we celebrated my 27th birthday! How did I become 27...wow! We had a great day! My husband is beyond thoughtful and compassionate. He made me breakfast and gave Nella her 6 am bottle so I could sleep in! Then he went and bought an outfit for Nella for her to wear on mommy's birthday! It is the outfit above! :) It says I love you a whole bunch! He then planned a day for us to go to Brown County and hang out! We had lunch together and then shopped around in Nashville's adorable shops! Then we went to Brown County to hike!
It was truly an awesome birthday! I have to say it was the best ever! For those of you who know, this year was not the easiest in my life. There were many times when I would doubt that I would be a mom! I remember last year blowing out the candles and wishing that God would send us a child to love! When I was in the woods today, I was reflecting and talking with God. Even though at times this year was hard and many times I doubted what he was doing in our lives, I am thankful! Thankful I went through the pain and that I learned to trust God. I am ever so grateful that he brought Nella to us! Seriously, I still feel I am in a dream! I still cannot believe I am her mom because she is the sweetest, beautiful little girl I have ever met! Honestly, she is! It was a perfect birthday because I spent it with my family and realized that my wish that I wished for last year on my birthday candles came true! Her name is Nella! God is WONDERFUL!
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Saturday, September 11, 2010

I'm 3 months!!!!

WOW, our little lady bug is 3 months old! She is so awesome! I think so far, I love EVERY single stage. She is so interactive right now! She smiles and talks to mom and dad all the time!
She spent a lot of time with family and friends this month! We attended Leeapalooza! It was so fun celebrating Lee being in remission and we loved sharing her with everyone! Here is a pic of my mom and dad with her! Doesn't it just melt you? I never ever realized how much my parents loved me until I had Nella bug! Wow it is such a deep love, the kind that hurts in your stomach at times and makes you feel like your heart is going to burst at moments because you think that your love cannot grow for her anymore, but it does. The kind where you get goosebumps and smile just because she is the cutest little one ever.....so fun! But watching our parents with her has been so breathtaking. I can feel their love for her! It pours out of their bodies. Such big smiles and we love it!!!
I love putting her in her bumbo. She looks around and joins in on conversations now! Love it! You can tell she thinks she is such a big girl! So cute!
Nella loves laying on a blanket and taking in her world. She especially loves it when she has a little one to grab onto and coo too. She really enjoyed her blankiet time with Peyton! They kept holding hands....so cute! Peyton is our cousin and we are so excited to see them grow together!
She LOVES being read too!!! I mean loves it! Her eyes stretch so WIDE and she just listens and seems to take it all in! Matt and I think she loves life! She loves watching and learning. You can see it on her face! Here is Grandma Spencer and her reading! She looks pretty comfy:)
We traveled back to Kendallville for Daddy to be honored at the first East Noble Football game for being on the State Football team 10 years ago...WOW 10 years...doesn't feel like that long ago!!! It was so fun! Nella even joined Daddy out on the field. It was a blast seeing friends and being with family! She was so cute. She loved watching the movement on the field. Her eyes would stretch so wide!

Well we have had an AWESOME 3 months.....see you soon!!!!!!
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