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I have the most wonderful Husband who has been my best friend since I was a sophomore in high school. So incredibly blessed to be his wife. God has given us three beautiful children. Nella Grace, Knox Michael, and Crew Matthew. God is good and I am thankful for all He has provided for us!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We are SUPER busy

Happy Daddy's Day to our wonderful dad and husband, Matt!!! I knew my guy would be a great dad and adore his kiddos, but I was not prepared with the amount of love he shows for his girl. To say this girl has her daddy wrapped around her finger is an understatement. He adores her and smiles so big when he is with her! He is a great father, husband, and friend and God really blessed us when he gave us him!!!!
My dad and Matt got to spend Father's Day on the beach in Savannah with little Miss Nella...Could it get more perfect than that? They so enjoyed playing with her in the sand and trying to soak in all her excitement for the water and sand! She loved every minute of it and had a blast!!! Don't you love her hat...Old Navy...We had to get a 5 T because of her little poof...lol
It was wonderful being in Savannah. This trip felt different than others Matt and I have had. It was more relaxing and watching her enjoy Savannah through her eyes was so exciting! She loved every minute of it. She learned a new word in Savannah..hot! It was 107 two days in a row!!! WOW! She also learned where her tongue is...lol! We spent a lot of time at the beach and pool! We walked around, took miss Nella to an aquarium, and ate a lot of pie and seafood... :)
Oh how that girl loves the beach and so does her mommy! There is just something about being by the ocean that is so relaxing! When we were walking on the beach and watching our love hold hands with her mamaw and papaw I could feel God's love rush over me. I could feel him saying see I told you it was worth the heartache! I told you child to be patient! WOW was he right....being there with her at sunset will forever be engraved in my memory!!!!
We GOT a SUPER DUPER surprise!!! We got to meet the lovely Courtney and all her little loves!!!! For those of you who don't know...Courtney is one of our angels! She brought us to Nella! She is truly working to help so many families and truly an angel on Earth! She also has 6 children and has adopted 4 of them! See ANGEL right :) Her children were adorable and super duper sweet. Courtney is one fo the kindest, sweetest, and most adorable people I know and I was honored to meet her in person! Thank you hun for driving to Savannah to meet us!!!! As always, if you all can keep Miss Emmy, her youngest daughter, in your prayers as she is always needing them!!! We sure loved our time together and Nella adored them!
After we got back at 3 AM on Saturday...and my sweet morning girl woke up at 7 lol...we decided to head up to Kendallville for some girl time with Grandpa and Grandma Spencer and a special get together at Grandma JoJo's house! It was such a blast just enjoying time with our family! Grandma had 71 people there if you count all our kiddos!!!! We had a nice picnic with bubbles, tag, and homemade ice cream! It was so wonderful seeing everyone!!!! Family is the best!!!
Here is my sweet, talented, loving, compassionate Grandma JoJo with all 11 of her great grandchildren!!!!! Pretty amazing!! God is so good!!! She loves them all SO dearly!!!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nella's book

Here is our link to Miss Nella's book! I hope you enjoy!!!! :)


Nella is 1

Our litle love is now a big 1 years old!!!! It is crazy for Matt and I to think that we have had a year with this precious gift already!!! It seems so fast! But even though it seems so fast...we still can remember the each little moment, milestone, and special event we shared with our girl.
Our Nella is such a big girl! She has the sweetest little smile and love language that she is always sharing. She always has something to say! She has many words now: mama, dada, baba, bye bye, Nella, yeah, yep, no, dog, and then some animals sounds quack, quack and buff, buff (ruff, ruff). If she is not using those words, she is speaking in her special little jibberish that is seriously the cutest sounds I have ever heard. She will tell you all about it for sure!!!
Her party was a blast. Mommy and Daddy, well more Mommy, planned for months. We had a butterfly extravaganza at our home.We had butterfly antennas for the kiddos, butterfly crafts to color, butterflies and pompoms hanging from the ceiling. We had butterflies on tulle out on the patio.....butterfly cupcakes and cake for Nella. We made sure it was fit for our little love girl to celebrate this wonderful year with our girl!!!!

She loved her cake...she so loved squishing it in her fingers. She loved all the people and enjoyed opening her gifts! She seemed to soak in her party and enjoy everyone being there!!!

A special birthday banner made for our love by her Aunt Leslie....pretty awesome!

One of my favorite decorations was her months banner. I printed all of her pictures from each month and put them on a clothesline. I was amazed at how much she had changed and grew over the months!!! I honestly have loved every month, every stage, every milestone.....that we had this past year! I loved the newborn snuggles and wide eyes as she would take in her world. I loved first baths, first smiles, first sleeping through the night, taking a nap for a long peroids of time, sleeping in crib. I love the sitting up stage, rolling overs, trying cereal for the first time, and watching her expressions as she tries every new food given to her. I loved watching her learn about her world and watching her explore everything around her! She is such a gift!!!!! Such a blessing!!!

A little about Little Miss at 1 years old
  • she can crawl super fast
  • she loves to eat and is such a good eater
  • she switched herself to sippy cups by not wanting her bottles anymore
  • she loves her whole milk
  • she is taking one nap about 3 hours a day now
  • she does patty cake and wheels on the bus
  • she is a good little listener but is a determined little love to do things
  • She pulls up on everything and I secretly think she could walk, but it is kinda sweet she still wants to hold just one finger
  • She is answering questions when asked
  • Her favorite word is bye bye...says it all the time
  • She loves to kiss and will kiss everyone and everything
  • She loves her kitty and doggie SO much
  • She knows how big is Nella
  • She loves to read and be read too! She is always looking at books or wanting you to read a book to her! When you get done, she will ewwuah, which I think means again!
  • She points now to tell us what she wants and it is really cool to communicate with her!
  • She is one happy girl and her smile will melt your heart in an instant
Our Nella is seriously our biggest wish come true! She continues to melt my heart daily and I am so proud and honored to be her momma!!!!

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