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I have the most wonderful Husband who has been my best friend since I was a sophomore in high school. So incredibly blessed to be his wife. God has given us three beautiful children. Nella Grace, Knox Michael, and Crew Matthew. God is good and I am thankful for all He has provided for us!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Nella's First Christmas

Ummm for some reason...the pictures loaded recent to past...so that is how our post will go.....so we are taking you from the present to past....so enjoy :)

Last year, my Christmas time was hard...it was filled with hoping and longing for a little one to share it with....so this year...I WAS overjoyed that Nella was here...we had our little one to share Christmas time with.....She was a true delight...you could fill everyone's excitement and there were so many smiles......Our Christmas time was busy, filled with lots of love, and huge smiles....it was beyond what I could have expected....we started many traditions and enjoyed past traditions from a new perspective
Nella had 3 Christmases...how lucky is that...she had her Christmas at home, Christmas at G and G Spencers, and Christmas at Mamaw and Papaw's....We ended Christmas at mamaw and papaw's house....she got this cute hooded towel...so fun. She loved opening gifs....I was amazed she really seemed to get the concept...her eyes would dance with excitement, bang on the gift, and pull the paper....she was so fun and talkative
G and G Spencer got her a door jumper....she LOVES it and she is the cutest thing in it....Matt and I continue to giggle everytime she starts bouncing.....it is the funniest, cutest, and most joyful thing she has ever done...so fun

She had a blast being with her Grandpa Spencer. I always knew he would be a fantastic Grandpa, but how he interacts with her is beyond what I ever dreamed. He gets down on the floor and plays with toys, makes silly noises and faces, and throughly enjoys her. He enjoys every sound, movement, face, smile she does. I love it! She treasures her time with Grandpa and I can tell she adores him....can't you tell
Nella is one lucky girl.....Santa comes to Christmas Eve every year on Matt's side. To say that I have been looking forward to this tradition would be an understatement. Secretly since marrying Matt, I have dreamed of my child sitting on his lap at Christmas and everyone whooing and ahhing at him or her.....so I was giddy with excitement as we took her up there....would she cry...would she pull the beard....would she smile...I couldn't wait...I was like a little kid nervous, excited, and proud as I took our beautiful daughter...more beautiful than I ever dreamed....to Santa....She adored him...she smiled and looked up at him and was completely content....to say our girl is easy going is an understatement...she rolls with whatever and she won Santa's heart just like she does everyone else....
Nella playing with her cousin Bailey....I truly think Bailey thought she was a doll....she keep pushing her tummy and patting her head like Nella was going to make a noise or go to sleep or something....so precious to watch them interact with one another....they seemed to have their own conversation together....so fun
Christmas Eve was so fun being with family.....and it was more than that...you can feel the love with Matt's family.....usually we are squished in Ma Knox's house where it is hot and stuffy and hard to move around...this year it was moved to the Youth Center....it was nice to see kids running, adults talking, and everyone just enjoying each other....I love being with Matt's family....it is always filled with laughter, good times, smiles, and lots of hugs....:)
Our girl is a lover....she wants to give kisses and hugs....she gets what a kiss is...she will pull you in close to her face and then plant the most wet and slobbery kiss you could imagine....but it will leave you with wanting another and another because it is so sweet how she wants to kiss you...she wants you to know how much she loves you....my momma heart mushes when this happens when she decides to not only kiss me...but now everyone.....she got in trouble by dada for kissing Mr. Oliver and Mr. Lincoln...dada said you don't kiss little boys.....lol it starts already
Matt and Nella had so much fun with each other over Christmas...Her daddy adores her....and I love how the world stops when Nella is around and how he just drinks in all her giggles, noises, and smiles.....man....she has won his heart...
We headed up to Albion on December 19 for Bushong Christmas....as a child Bushong family events were always something I so looked forward too....they were one of my favorite things....and still are.....Bushong events will have really good food, lots of LAUGHTER (people will be crying they are laughing so hard), good stories, lots of hugs and kisses, and an abundance of love
This year...we did craft time with all the kids.....I LOVED IT....it was the teacher in me that wanted to see creativity, excitement, and smiles...and I got it....all the little ones gathered around to make a reindeer craft..we traced a foot, two hands, two wiggly eyes, a red pompom, some crayons..and you have RUDOLPH.....what I love about crafts..no one's looks the same....love THAT!!
Nella with her older cousin Aubrey....hmmmmm Nella looks gigantic compared to her....makes me giggle
Her Christmas outfit was one of my favorite things this year......I secretly bought it...Matt thought it was the most adorable thing he had ever seen....and when we put it on her....we seriously couldn't handle the cuteness...
We had Christmas at home before all the other Christmases started......we were so excited to have a real family Christmas to have a little one to share our traditions with.....we first started the season by going to get our christmas tree.....the day was perfect...it was snowing and we headed out to Spencer Farms to find the perfect tree...We then began decorating our home and preparing for Christmas. We baked Christmas cookies....made special cards for Aunts, Uncles, and grandparents....

We had our Christmas early in the morning....we opened gifts and Nella loved ripping the paper, chewing on ribbons, and all the sounds her new toys made. Matt and I decided to start a tradition where we write her a Christmas Letter each year and then read it to her. We stayed up late the night before just trying to capture what we wanted to say to her in a note together....daddy read it to her and my heart melted....the way she looked at him and hearing him be so emotional and sentimental with her.....We ended our morning with a christmas breakfast....we cannot wait for the many Christmas mornings to come

We had an extra special early Christmas gift this year....Baby Clay Jameson Spencer was born....we met him on Skype for the first time and we are thrilled for his parents, Corey and Les. Watching their gigantic smiles, hearing the proudness in their voice, and seeing them with him.....just melts us and we could not be more excited for them. We are going to visit in two weeks and we are dying to meet him...to see his little fingers and toes in real life....he is just precious!!!!! Can't wait Clay to see you!!!

Christmas was magical at our home.....it was beyond what I dreamed and thought it would be like.....Nella even made it extra special...by saying dada on Christmas day for her daddy for the first time! This was by far my most favorite Christmas ever. I will never forget the excitement on her face, excitement in our hearts, the new traditions we started, seeing her on Santa's lap on Christmas Eve, being with family and watching everyone just melt with her, it was perfect! She is perfect! Seriously....I am humbled by the gift God sent us...choose for us....the gift of this little girl!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Our Angel Girl

There is something about Christmas time....something that makes everyone smile and feel happiness. Out of all the holidays, Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love our home at Christmas time, the smells, the decorations, the Christmas music, wrapping gifts, getting cards in the mail, stockings on the fire place, and especially making Christmas cookies....but this year is way different than years past, this year....I get to be a mommy on Christmas.....there is something about having a little one that makes the holidays even more special! I think it is the excitement on their faces and everything being new and exciting, traditions are created, and enjoying, soaking up every little minute. Nella is LOVING Christmas and it makes my heart so excited as we see what she will do next....

Last Saturday, we went and got our tree....it was so cold out on the farm and the snow was falling...it was perfect. Nella wanted to touch all the trees, she would flap her arms with excitement as Matt and I tried to find the perfect one....We came home and decorated the house and then later that night the tree.

She loved seeing all the decorations and we had to go through the whole house and touch every decoration.....her little eyes were so wide and she would flap her arms with excitement.....so sweet.

She has her one tree in her room. It is pink with pink little decorations....she loves it. Every night we turn off all the lights except for her tree and read our night night story and then we say our prayers and snuggle....it is my favorite time of the day.....snuggling in the quiet with my sweet little Christmas love....

She is the most precious gift I have ever received.....so precious
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