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I have the most wonderful Husband who has been my best friend since I was a sophomore in high school. So incredibly blessed to be his wife. God has given us three beautiful children. Nella Grace, Knox Michael, and Crew Matthew. God is good and I am thankful for all He has provided for us!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Oh the places we will go....

It has been a whirlwind this past month...we have sold our house in 14 hours, had appraisal issues, had an inspection scare, to find out it was no scare, and had the pressure of finding a home!  We survived it and God saw us through!  
We are excited to be moving to Fishers and nervous about leaving our amazing community we have established here.  We have decided to stay at our church and house church for sure which will help us feel at home in our new home! 

It is hard to say goodbye to our house of 7 years.  This is the home that Matt and I created for our family.  IT is the home where I wished and wished for a sweet little angel to call me momma.  It is a where I laid on the floor in our nursery cried out to God that he would make me a momma.  It is the home where sweet little Nella came home and I can remember exactly where I put her carseat down to let our dog, Liberty smell her.  It is the home where first steps, first words, birthday parties, and lots of fun was had.  I can remember where I was standing when I found out I was really pregnant and then bringing our Knoxie home and seeing Nella smile that he brother came home!  It is hard to leave all that and say goodbye.  So many memories and thankful that I have those precious memories always with me.  
WIth buying our home, it means many new and exciting things.  A new school for Roo, new neighbors, new places to discover, establishing a shopping routine, and being close to family and friends!  Roo wants a pink room and really is excited to have a playroom.  Knoxie will love having a room with lots of balls ( I am redoing his room and using lots of Matt's old baseball and football things).  

Things really seem to be falling into place which I know is God!  LIfe is good!  I am even handling dealing with boxes everywhere and my house out of sorts, for a girl who likes order and not chaos I am really feeling calm.  

Now on to the more exciting loves in our lives, our kiddos are having a great summer.  We have done many zoo trips, sprinkle parks, play dates, playing in the backyard, picnics, museum, and swimming.  

Our Nella is three years old now!  I still cannot believe she is 3 seriously have I really had three blessed years with her so far?  She is the most amazing girl!  I am now I am her mom and I am suppose to say that, but she is the kindest love.  She has such a loving and caring heart at such a young age and I am amazed by this sweet heart God has given her and I know she will do great things in her life.  Our Roo loves princesses.  I am not sure how this happened, but she does!  She loves wearing dress, picking our her outfits, wearing tiaras, and spinning/twirling.  She is becoming very motherly and wanting to take care and nurture things around her our pets, babies, babydolls, and her little brother.  She is very kind and helpful and really wants to please all the time!  She continues to love books and being read too.  Nella loves art and creating pictures too!  We are so blessed by this love and love being her mommy and daddy.  She brings smiles to our faces everyday! 

Knoxie Michael is 15 months old now!  Wow!  Big boy!  He is the most joyful baby I know.  He has such a sweet smile and silly laugh and really is just happy.  He is busy bee and is on the go alot.  It is fun to watch him explore and learn about his world around him.  He was what I call the "transporter".  He likes to take things from location and moving them another.  It is pretty cute.  He loves to run and be tickled.  Knox loves balls, blocks, books, and Mickey Mouse! Knox loves being outside.  He has many more words now and love listening to his little voice say them.  He can say momma, dada, nella, kee(kitty), doggie, Daisy (mickey mouse), icky (mickey), nack (snack), baba (milk), dank you (thank you), bye bye, hi, night night.  It is exciting to watch him learn and grow!  He is such a gift from God and bring so much joy to us!  

                                                                  Love our sweet babies!